Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentines Day Jewelry + GIVEAWAYS

Added some Limited edition Valentines Day Pieces to the shop today! The earrings are my favorite, they are just too cute :) So cute that I am giving away 2 pairs for free!


To Enter this Valentine's Day Giveaway, e-mail me your love confessions and I will choose my top 2. Regardless who wins, I will post your anonymous confessions on the blog on Valentines day! You can send as many as you wish! Winners will be notified via e-mail on Feb. 14th 2013. 

here are a few of my own confessions:

1) I LOVE  stale teddy grahams
2) I LOVE to use my iphone's camera as a mirror (come on, who hasn't?)
3) I LOVE this old pair of Christmas socks from middle school that have a weird monkey on them!

Your Turn!

Happy Confessing!
xoxoxo -Amy

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